How to start a profitable baking business

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πŸ”ΉHow to create and implement a SOLID business plan

πŸ”ΉHow to price your baked goods for MAXIMUM profit, with confidence

πŸ”ΉThe exact steps to make your baking business legit

πŸ”ΉHow to market and position your baking business so customers can easily find you


You'll also learn about our top funding source that helped us take Cupcakeology from a small cupcake hustle to a Multi Six-Figure, National Brand!


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Cupcakeology's Favorite Automated Marketing Tools ($97 VALUE) The exact systems, processes and tools we use to generate a daily flow of new customers, while maintaining the retention of our current customers.

Cupcakeology's Marketing Like A BEAST Training Video ($47 VALUE) How to turn your 'LIKES' on social media into 'PAYING' customers!

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"Just want you to know how great God is! I will forever be grateful to Him for sending you my way! This ebook changed everything for me and my family!" -Takiyah

Rob & Jen Morris

There's never been a better time to start your baking business, the RIGHT way!

Rob and I started Cupcakeology during a financial crisis, right after the housing bubble burst, over a decade ago.

Everyone thought I was crazy to quit my career to sell cupcakes in the middle of a recession.

But guess what? It forced us to pay close attention to how we structured our business plan and made us very strategic in how we grew it.

We started small, and grew BIG!

You are here because you are ready to take your baking business out of your home and into a storefront; so you can start making real profits, serving customers who are willing to pay you what you and your products are worth and even more importantly, so you can start living the life of freedom that you deserve! This proven blueprint, written for bakers, by bakers, is a MUST HAVE to start your journey...the right way!

Cupcakes changed our lives! I had the burning desire to follow my passion for baking despite the "nay sayers" around me. Just by making the one decision to GO FOR IT gave me the opportunity to truly design how I wanted my life to be! Yup! Cupcakes did that! That's why Rob and I are so extremely passionate about showing other bakers the ~business~ behind baking so that you can take your love of baking and decorating one THOUSAND times farther than anyone could ever expect you to, and most importantly, you too can become the architect of your own life and live it to your HIGHEST and FULLEST potential!

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